Sither Pearl Sunglasses Chian Reading Glasses Chain Strap Necklace for Women - BCKNONSUB

Sither Pearl Sunglasses Chian Reading Glasses Chain Strap Necklace for Women - BCKNONSUB

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  • ✔ 【 Stylish and Practical 】Suitable for eyeglass holder,reading glasses,prescription glasses,sunglasses.The chain will keep your glasses from falling out and losing,protect your glasses from scratching,make it easy for the elderly to wear, and you won't have to put them in your head and mess up your hair!

  • ✔ 【 Good Quality 】Well made eyeglass chain is not easy to fade,silicone anti-slip buckle is not easy to fall off,it's strong but lightweight and not easy broken!

  • ✔ 【 Strong Material 】Alloy, plastic and silica gel anti-slip buckle,Length:27.55 in,Weight:10g

  • ✔ 【 Perfect Gift 】Legend has it that Turkish Evil Eye can protect you from all evil things and is a lucky thing that can protect you and your family and friends.Give your own pretty items,your beloved elders,your wife,mother,grandmother,aunt,your children or neighbors.Give them the most kind and beautiful care on Birthday,Christmas,Anniversary,Valentine's Day!

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    Sither Pearl Sunglasses Chian Reading Glasses Chain Strap Necklace for Women - BCKNONSUB