Solid Color Ties Multiple Colors Classic 3.5 width by K. Alexander - BYX1GQ7X4

Solid Color Ties Multiple Colors Classic 3.5" width by K. Alexander - BYX1GQ7X4

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  • Satin

  • Standard Classic Width - 3.5 Inches wide right before the tip

  • Standard Adult Length - approximately 57 inches long

  • Luxurious satin finish give this tie a slight sheen

  • Formal wear - This is a fully lined formal solid color necktie

  • Solid Color Ties for work, formal events and fun

  • Our collection of K. Alexander brand, luxurious satin finished solid 3.5 inch neckties features a full lining to provide superior body & feel to the necktie, allowing them to make excellent knots and last for years of service. On the back side of the tie, you'll find a securely fastened K. Alexander brand tie label, that doubles as a keep for the tail of the tie. If desired, this will align the tail of the tie with the front of the tie, keeping it hidden from view. This necktie is a formal necktie and can be worn very formally, or dressed down. It is suitable for weddings, performances and even everyday use. The satin on these ties gives them a slight sheen and gives the colors some range in their appearance, which will vary depending on the amoutn and direction of the lighting. These ties are not super shiney, nor are they flat. They are a nice classy place in the middle.

    This tie is not a costume tie, but could be used as part of a costume. Costume ties are typically unlined, made of very, very thin material, are hard to make knots with and designed to be worn only once.


    Brand: K. Alexander
    Length: 57 Inches
    Width: 3.5 Inches
    Material: Satin Finished Polyester
    Lining: Full cotton liner

    K. Alexander provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Solid Color Ties Multiple Colors Classic 3.5" width by K. Alexander - BYX1GQ7X4