Soft Protective Glasses Pouch Padded Women's Eyeglasses Holder & Case by OptiPlix - BASDKDD5I

Soft Protective Glasses Pouch Padded Women's Eyeglasses Holder & Case by OptiPlix - BASDKDD5I

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  • Pull On closure

  • PORTABLE PROTECTION: Whether you wear sunglasses, reading lenses, or regular prescription frames, these pouches will prevent shattered, scratched lenses and broken frames.

  • STYLISH STORAGE: Protect your frames while on the go without the bulk with these soft, colorful cases with a slim design and side stitching. Choose from purple, black, blue, or pink.

  • FIT YOUR FRAMES: Pragmatic and portable, these pouches accommodate most sized women’s frames while slipping easily into your purse or handbag for on-the-go vision sharpening.

  • SOFT TO THE TOUCH: Made of PVC -a flexible synthetic plastic material, these glasses cases have a soft inner lining that is gentle on frames and lenses, and comfortable in your pocket.

  • MULTIPURPOSE AND VERSATILE: These pouches, great for travel, can store more than just glasses- use them to stash your cash, cosmetics, cell phone, jewelry, and much more!


    Imagine having the freedom to toss your glasses into your bag anywhere, anytime, while still keeping them in good shape? These OptiPlix Eyeglass Pouches are soft to the touch and lightweight while also being strong and protective.

    Avoid scratched, shattered, or broken lenses, as well as bent or broken frames, marks, or dents! These cases provide convenient storage for all forms of frames, whether you wear everyday prescriptions frames, reading frames, or trendy sunglasses!

    Product Features:

    Dimensions: 3 x 6.25 inches
    One Size Fits Most Frames
    Women’s Style

    4 Color Choices:

    - Blue
    - Pink
    - Purple


    The smooth PVC material is attractive to the eye and soft to the touch. Available in an assortment of colors, these cases can appeal to any taste. Choose from magenta, black, light blue, and bright pink. They make a fun, practical accessory for any woman. Match your outfit, or feel free to experiment and add an unexpected pop of color!

    Optimally affordable, keep one case in your house, one in your purse, one in your car or one at your workplace. Get portable protection for your glasses for anywhere you are!

    Colorful and portable, these pouches also make a great gift that the recipient is sure to get use out of and appreciate. These make a perfect, cute gift for graduations, birthdays, holidays, and more!


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    Soft Protective Glasses Pouch Padded Women's Eyeglasses Holder & Case by OptiPlix - BASDKDD5I