Mens Zipper Pre-tied Clip-On Tie Business Wedding Solid Checks Striped Microfiber Necktie - BKA3VV458

Mens Zipper Pre-tied Clip-On Tie Business Wedding Solid Checks Striped Microfiber Necktie - BKA3VV458

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  • Jacquard,Microfiber,Polyester

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  • Business fashion zipper clip on slim necktie, suitable for men and Big boys, Length: 50cm(20.47"), widest: 8cm(3.15"), Material: care-free microfiber polyester, OCCASIONS: This Zipper tie is the perfect accessory for the man who doesn't like to tie his own tie. Perfect compliment to business attire, Formal Dress and for all other OCCASIONS.

  • My Favorite Pal offers only the highest quality, trendiest colors, and hottest designs of zipper ties. We have stripes, plaid, paisley, and many other styles that you are looking for. We offer zipper ties in both men’s and boy’s sizes to help fathers and sons match their high quality neckwear.

  • If you're worried about people poking fun of you for wearing a zipper tie like they tend to do for clip-on ties, you can relax. Unlike the classic clip-on ties, our men’s zipper neckties look exactly like regular neckties. The zipper portion is completely hidden underneath both sides of your collar making it impossible to tell it is actually a pre-tied zipper tie.

  • Adult zipper ties are perfectly pre-tied with a zipper built into the knot and can be put on in a matter of seconds. You simply enlarge the neck loop, tuck it under your collar, and just like a regular tie, pull the small tail while you hold the knot in place.

  • Zipper ties are perfect for men who get rushed and need to save a few precious minutes of time. Additionally, pre-tied zipper ties for men are ideal for any man unable to tie his own

  • Zipper ties

    1.Our Vinesen Ties carries a wide variety of ties in multiple styles and colors. Zipper ties are convebient for those who versatility and speed in their selection of ties.

    2.A zipper tie is just like a conventional tie except that it has a zipper for adjustabllity and a permanent knot.Wearing one is easy and its flexibility makes it an economical choice for any man.

    3.Vinesen Ties has zipper ties for all occasions. We have stripe ties, colorful ties, patterns and solid colors. We also have shorter and X-long ties, along with ties for boys.

    4.Whatever the occasion, zipper ties can streamline your life, save you time and help you look great while doing it. Check out the selection of men's zipper ties available from Absolute Ties today.

    Stripe Zipper Ties

    Ties are very fashionable and when they are produced as zipper ties, they are very easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. Putting on a zipper tie is as easy as loosening the loop, slipping it over your head and zipping it up.

    The zipper mechanism is located at the knot of the tie and the zipper is located on the reverse of the tie. No one will know that you are wearing a zipper tie as they look identical to traditional ties. Our ever-increasing inventory of zipper ties includes solid, striped and patterned ties

    Solid Color Zipper Ties

    1.The combination of style and convenience is evident in the collection of zipper ties at Vinesen Ties. Zipper ties feature permanent knots that house the zipper mechanism. The zipper is located on the reverse side of the tie.

    2.You can quickly put the tie on by slipping the tie loop over your head and zipping the tie around your neck. The only way this tie will come undone is by you unzipping the tie. Our solid color ties include products that are available in a rainbow of colors. Check back with us frequently as we constantly add new ties to our inventory

    Mens Zipper Pre-tied Clip-On Tie Business Wedding Solid Checks Striped Microfiber Necktie - BKA3VV458