Men's Novelty Floral Ties Jacquard Woven Luxury Formal Party Designer Neckties - BE14JLS2C

Men's Novelty Floral Ties Jacquard Woven Luxury Formal Party Designer Neckties - BE14JLS2C

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  • Microfiber,Polyester,Silk

  • Imported

  • Length: 57"/146cm, Regular Slim Width: 3.15"/8cm, suitable for Mens, Youth and Big boys, Material: care-free microfiber polyester, Perfect for anyone headed to a party, wedding, festival, the office, or holiday get together. Give the gift of style! These floral patterned ties make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, or any special occasion.

  • Why not try something new this season? Black ties always look classic, but you can kick your look up a notch with this blooming anemones floral design.

  • This will look great sticking out of a v-neck sweater, especially with shiny silver cufflinks on your sleeves.

  • This is a slim width tie, meaning it measures 3.15 inches across the widest part of the tie at the base.

  • Slim ties generally look good on tall and/or slim men, and pair nicely with thin-lapelled suits. This tie is made from microfiber for a quality look and feel.

  • About Our Elfeves Tie

    * Elfeves is a fashion necktie provider for school ties, hotel uniforms, restaurant ties, churches, missionaries, weddings, waiters, bartenders, or barmitzvahs. Whether you need a crazy tie, hot tie, cool tie or even a wild or ugly tie, Elfeves has been helping trump the neckwear industry since 2005.

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    * Custom ties are our specialty, and inexpensively make novelty(an offering more than regular ties) ties with dogs, boats, skulls, music, dragons, fraternities, and graduations. We have a huge selection of power narrow ties and professional skinny ties with more coming!

    Paisley Tie is Great for Most Occasions

    1. Paisley designs trace their origin to the Middle Eastern region and are usually filled with abstract designs, which are placed against a solid background. The paisley is somewhat casual and could be used for the same purpose as the polka dot pattern. A lighter background is recommended if you are attending fun activities as it makes the figures to pop out boldly.

    2. The paisley patterning we know and love originated in Persia and found its way to Renfrewshire via the British Raj. Perhaps that's why there's something about it that just seems to suggest exotic glamour?

    3. Paisley ties are the perfect way to brighten up your average work-a-day lounge suit. Alternatively, you could dress it up with a complementary handkerchief and cufflinks to give your evening wear a hint of far-flung mystery. However you plan to wear one, this is clear: a paisley tie from Elfeves' impressive collection is a must for any wardrobe.

    Men's Novelty Floral Ties Jacquard Woven Luxury Formal Party Designer Neckties - BE14JLS2C