Kemi Clips Fabric Friendly Hat Clip Travel Accessory - BLRX9IM7H

Kemi Clips Fabric Friendly Hat Clip Travel Accessory - BLRX9IM7H

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  • {Fabric-friendly clip} These travel essentials are made of high-quality stainless steel clips with carabiner on other end to easily attach to bag, purse or luggage handles (or even belt straps!). Strong and durable and can be used for a long time. Perfect for a windy day at the beach or your next trip to the airport!

  • {Functional and Stylish} The travel hat clip can be easily opened and closed to attach any hat (sun hat, baseball cap, fedora, sombrero etc.) to any bag. When you don't want to wear your hat, just open the carabiner and attach to the handle of the bag, and fix the hat at the other end with the clasp. The size of each travel hat clip is 4.5" long x 1" wide. It's the best way to stay organized when traveling or packing!

  • {Your #1 Travel Hat Clip Essential} These clips are travel must haves! Whether you're on a boat, or you're traveling on an airplane, these clips can help you hold your hat as well as keep you organized. Think of it as your personal hat caddy and packing essential for traveling

  • {Travel Accessory Must Haves} Keep your hat with you when it's not on you! This clip can hold wide brim hats or clip to the inside lining of a brimless hat onto your purse, handbag, luggage, suitcase, or even belt loop (if you're at a concert!) Convenient to use at any time, small and compact. Ideal for hiking, traveling, concerts and any indoor or outdoor settings.

  • {Beware Of Photoshopped Copycats} This is the original hat holder clip by Kemi Clips bought and used by thousands of REAL customers!

  • *NEW AND IMPROVED* now an even stronger clip!! Love to travel with your hat but hate carrying it around or stuffing it into your bag? Introducing Kemi Clips! With it's fabric-friendly design, Kemi Clips are the best and only way to travel with your hat. The plastic inserts inside the clip not only keep your hat secure but prevent any damage to your hat from the sturdy clip. Clip any hat onto any bag. See display card for picture instructions. Commercial grade stainless steel clip, brass clasp, with PU Vegan Leather (available in two colors) or Black Elastic. Perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, traveling, windy days at the beach, traveling through airports, kids, schools, restaurants etc. This hat clip has you covered for anytime you want to bring your hat without having to carry it around when you're not wearing it! Hat cannot be more than 9mm thick. If hat is too thick, clip onto inside lining of the hat or even the tag!

    Kemi Clips Fabric Friendly Hat Clip Travel Accessory - BLRX9IM7H